Internet browsing tracking

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08 April 2008

The ICO has issued a further statement on advertising technology company Phorm's use of internet browsing track software. ICO stated that, provided Phorm's assurances on how the software will work are accurate and depending on comments from the BT trial, it can be used legally if it only tracks users who have opted into the system. 

The assurances given include that each user has a random ID number stored only by the user's computer and Phorm, that neither the user ID number nor the advertising categories are revealed to ISPs and that Phorm requires no access to data which might link a user ID with an identifiable individual. Phorm has indicated that users will be asked whether they wish to be involved in use of the software, told how to opt out and how to block Phorm cookies. ICO says that it will monitor Phorm's use of its products. 

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