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03 September 2014

Concept Autumn 2014

The latest edition of Burges Salmon's IP and Technology bulletin looks at the implications of DRIP, the Creative Content UK scheme to combat internet piracy and more.

06 June 2014

ICO consults on draft CCTV Code of Practice

The Information Commissioner’s Office has launched a consultation on a new draft CCTV Code of Practice to replace its 2008 code. The code provides good practice recommendations for businesses and organisations that routinely capture individuals’ information using CCTV and other surveillance devices.

03 June 2014

ICO issues further guidance on roles of data controller and data processor

The ICO has issued new guidance for organisations as to when they will be a data controller or a data processor given the continuing confusion over the roles. The distinction is important because only data controllers have to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

02 June 2014

Concept Summer 2014

Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of Concept, the latest news bulletin from Burges Salmon’s Intellectual Property and Technology Team.

16 May 2014

Fit for the internet age? European parliament votes through connected continent package

The European Parliament has voted in favour of the “Connected Continent” package. The package, published by the European Commission in September 2013, is designed to harmonise the EU telecoms market and promote a single market for telecoms. It is, according to EC President José Manuel Barroso, “essential for Europe’s strategic interests and economic progress”.

31 March 2014

Electronic databases and liens

In the recent case of Your Response Ltd v Datateam Business Media Ltd the Court of Appeal held that it was not possible to exercise a lien over an electronic database.

24 March 2014

A Quick Guide to the Common European Sales Law

On 26 February 2014, MEPs voted in the European Parliament to approve the Common European Sales Law (CESL). Here Burges Salmon gives you a quick guide to the key things you should know about the CESL.

17 March 2014

Playing fairly: the OFT’s Principles for online and app-based games

The OFT has published its finalised Principles for online and app-based games. The Principles address the OFT’s concerns that misleading, aggressive and unfair industry-wide practices are being employed against consumers, and children in particular. They are designed to provide guidance to businesses and demonstrate ways in which games can be structured to avoid enforcement action.

06 March 2014

Concept Spring 2014

Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition of Concept, the latest news bulletin from Burges Salmon’s Intellectual Property and Technology Team.

13 February 2014

New consumer rights to impact suppliers of digital content

The Consumer Rights Bill has been introduced to Parliament. The Bill sets out a framework that consolidates key consumer rights covering contracts for goods and services and the law relating to unfair terms in consumer contracts. It introduces specific, new rights and remedies for consumers in relation to the quality of digital content.