Equality Act Codes of Practice

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20 October 2010

The three Equality Act Codes of Practice have now been published and were laid before Parliament on 12 October 2010.

The Codes cover:

  • Employment
  • Equal Pay
  • Services, Public Functions and Associations

They will remain in draft form until such time as they have lain before Parliament for 40 days without objection and the Government makes the order to bring them into force.  They are available here.

Guidance for employers is also available from the Equality and Human Rights Commission's website.  Employers would be advised to be familiar with, and follow, the Guidance and the Codes of Practice on Employment and Equal Pay as it may help to avoid an adverse decision by an employment tribunal in a discrimination claim.

Be warned, though, the Guidance and Codes of Practice are very long!  They do, however, explain an employer's obligations under the Equality Act and give a number of practical examples.

Also available on the Equality and Human Rights Commission's website is its report "How Fair is Britain?", which it describes as the most comprehensive compilation of evidence on discrimination and disadvantage ever compiled in Britain.  The report makes interesting reading and is available here.

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