Lasting Powers of Attorney – good news

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15 February 2010

Following some significant teething problems with the new Lasting Powers of Attorney (the replacements for Enduring Powers of Attorney), a new version of the LPA forms became available from 1st October 2009. These forms are better designed and will therefore be quicker (and cheaper) to prepare.  We hope that they will also speed up the registration process and reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.

The previous versions of the forms placed too much reliance on donors giving separate answers to a number of questions that would apply in almost every case. These have now been rationalised and are much less likely to lead to omissions or misunderstandings.

If you would like further information please contact Tom Hewitt on +44(0) 117 902 2717 or by e-mail on or Tom Gauterin on +44(0) 117 902 7213 or by e-mail on

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