Private Client publications

16 July 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On?

For non-UK domiciliaries resident in the UK ("non-doms"), the worst - the abolition of non-dom tax status – may seem to have happened.  Non-doms who expected a Conservative victory in the General Election to mean five more years of the same tax treatment have been sadly disillusioned. Waking up on 9 July, the whole non-dom tax system may seem to have changed for ever.

15 July 2015

Family Owned Business newsletter – July 2015

In this edition we look at what a growing economy means for the family business and also summarise some legislative changes currently being implemented that will affect all companies.

01 July 2015

Private Client Briefing - Summer 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Private Client Briefing. In this issue we look at the key issues for individuals raised in the Conservative party's election campaign now we have a majority Government, Insurance Bonds, right to work checks, the dangers of joint appointments in Lasting Powers of Attorney and death and ISAs.

26 February 2015

Family Owned Business newsletter – February 2015

In this edition we look at strengthening the structure and governance of a family business.

11 February 2015

Private Client Briefing - Spring 2015

Our latest update on the topical issues and legal developments for private clients.

17 October 2014

UK Investor visa - minimum investment threshold set to double

The UK Government gave its first official response to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) proposals on 16 October 2014 by the introduction of changes in the Immigration Rules which affect the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa. 

29 September 2014

Family Owned Business newsletter - September 2014

In this edition we look at ways in which to "de-risk" a family business, by ensuring that the family's assets are diversified and that the business is protected

24 September 2014

UK Remittance Basis - Collateral and relevant debts

HMRC has changed how it treats loan arrangements for non-doms who use the remittance basis. The change is likely to have a very significant and immediate impact on many non-doms who have taken out loans secured on offshore assets to assist with UK funding. Banks dealing with non-doms may also have to review and revise their security arrangements.

23 September 2014

Financial settlements on divorce and dissolution

This note applies to both married couples who are divorcing and to civil partners wishing to dissolve their partnership.