Uniquely, Burges Salmon represents The Crown Estate in the administration of freehold property which becomes subject to reversion to the Monarch in right of the Crown under the common law prerogative of escheat.

The work requires a thorough understanding of a complex and arcane aspect of our legal system, affecting some hundreds of properties each year.

We investigate and administer new cases and some of the many hundreds of accumulated cases, with the objectives of protecting the Crown from risk and, where practicable, returning property to private ownership (by the grant of new freehold estates in land) for best consideration.

We are also tasked with liaising with agencies of government and professional and public bodies, helping where possible to facilitate the interaction between the performance of their statutory or professional duties and this non-statutory aspect of our legal system. We also provide support and guidance to other solicitors and members of the public, who may only encounter this subject once, if ever, and have few other sources of information available to them.

You can read more in our escheat guidance note, or on the following websites: