Waste spreading review ‘golden opportunity’ to boost investment in renewable technology

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05 November 2010
The consultation for spreading waste on land, launched by the Environment Agency (EA) in October, is a golden opportunity for the Government to demonstrate both its commitment cutting red tape and encourage investment in renewable energy technology.
George Fellowes, a Burges Salmon solicitor specialising in agri-environmental issues, said the consultation will hopefully ease  the permitting requirements to spread waste on land.
“Farming has a key role to play in delivering renewable energy and anaerobic digestion is one of the main technologies attracting interest from the agricultural sector.  
Having already authorised the PAS110 standard which gives clarity about whether or not  the spreading of digestate (one of the products of anaerobic digestion) to land requires a permit, there has now been an effort by the EA to clarify how spreading activities under permits should be managed. The Government is sending a clear signal of support to the farming sector to invest in such technologies.
“At a time when we have a taskforce reviewing industry ‘red tape’, it also offers a golden opportunity to  lower  current  hurdle s , as well as reduce farming’s reliance on non-organic fertilisers by allowing the use of waste digestate. The right outcome of the consultation could be a win all round,” said Mr Fellowes.
The consultation closes on 24 December 2010, and the EA will publish its response to the consultation by March 2011.

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