Successful Appeal Hearing - JN Dairies Ltd -v- Johal Dairies Ltd

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31 March 2010

The Court of Appeal reviewing the case of JN Dairies -v- Johal Dairies (originally heard during an 8 day high court trial in March 2009) has unanimously found in favour of JN Dairies, rejecting Johal’s Appeal and request for a re-trial alleging that the judge had “closed his mind” to their case. Johal’s complaints against the trial judge were found to be without “substance”.

The original judgment in March 2009 ruled that Johal Dairies had acted unlawfully by paying an illegal immigrant £40,000 to steal confidential invoices from his former employer, JN Dairies, which were then used to negotiate prices with JN Dairies’ customers. Burges Salmon has advised JN Dairies since being instructed to prepare for the 2009 trial. “This has been a lengthy and challenging case. We are pleased that it has now reached its final conclusion and that JN Dairies can now resume business as usual,” comments William Neville, partner at Burges Salmon.  For further information go to:

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