Green Flash - New AD projects and other latest news

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01 March 2010

1. Bioenergy Capital Grant Scheme: Round 6

DECC has launched the 6th round of the Bioenergy Capital Grants Scheme. The scheme awards grants towards the capital cost of equipment, up to a value of £500,000 per installation. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and the Project Board will meet on a monthly basis to make funding decisions until all the funding is allocated. The provisional closing date is 31 March 2010.

2.  AD plant application in Bromley

TJ Composting are  seeking planning for a 46,000 tonne plant beside their composting site

TJ Composting announced in mid-February 2010 that it has applied for planning permission to develop a 46,000 tonnes per annum dry AD facility at its open windrow composting site in the London borough of Bromley. If approved, the plant will generate enough electricity to power up to 2,000 homes. The Managing Director of TJ Composting, which currently focuses primarily on windrow composting, explained that the company chose the AD route because "there are a huge amount of government drivers for AD and … you get the best of both worlds by using this type of technology. You can create energy and create compost". The company hopes to have a planning decision by May 2010 and to have the facility operational by early 2011.

3. 5MW plant granted planning in South Lannockshire

Planning permission has been granted to Proactive Energy for 5MW plant

One of the biggest biogas facilities in the UK has been granted planning permission. Proactive Energy's £22.5million, 5MW proposed AD plant in South Lanarkshire will convert organic waste into enough electricity to power 2800 homes.

4. 5MW facility in Cannock   

Biffa to develop a 5MW AD facility on the site of a green waste composting

Staffordshire County Council approved plans in November 2009 permitting Biffa Waste Services Ltd to develop an AD facility on the site of a green waste composting operation at the Poplars landfill site in Cannock. The plant will be designed to treat up to 80,000 tonnes of source segregated food waste per annum and generate up to 5MW of electricity for export to the National Grid. The proposal also has the potential to generate up to 2MW of thermal energy for district heating. It is estimated that the plant will be able to accommodate the energy requirements of 4,000 homes, making it the biggest facilitity in the UK.

5. AD plans in Lancashire

Lancashire CC approve AD facility on former chemical works site

Lancashire County Council has approved plans to develop an AD facility on a 1.5 hectare former chemical works site that would handle up to 40,000 tonnes per annum of organic waste derived from supermarkets, food manufacturing plants and abattoirs. The plant will produce up to 2MW of renewable electricity and will be used to produce thermal energy. The development will house two AD tanks, a gas holding tank, digestate tank, combined heat and power plant and two liquid storage vessels.

6. Suffolk Brewery plans

Planning officers recommend approval for AD plant at a Suffolk brewery.

Planning officers have recommended that the plans of a Suffolk brewery to build an AD plant next door to its distribution centre should be approved by the district council's development control committee.  The plant aims to turn food and brewing wastes into compressed natural gas for use in its delivery vehicles for the plant.

7.Biogas in Herefordshire

Construction of a 190kW biogas plant to start in Spring 2010

Construction  on a 190 kW biogas plant in Herefordshire is planned to commence in Spring 2010. The proposed plant will consist of one digester and one digestate tank, and is designed to utilise approximately 3,300 tonnes of maize silage, 1,000 m³ of cattle slurry and 600 tonnes of chicken manure annually.

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