Corporate Finance Network - Cleantech Question Time

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14 October 2008

We hosted this Corporate Finance Network (CFN) event at our offices in Bristol on 9 October 2008.

In the context of rising fuel costs and an increasing worldwide drive for greener solutions, cleantech is seen by many as a growth sector where investors have a real opportunity for returns.

Below you can download and listen to three audio podcasts featuring a presentation by Chris Matthews, Senior Business Development Manager, Renewable Energy Team at the Co-op Bank and comment from our expert panel: James Thomas of ICON Corporate Finance, Andrew Page of Foresight Group, Mark Crosier, CEO of DeepStream Technologies, Phil Nicholas, CEO of Inetec and Peter Horsburgh of the Environmental Technologies Fund.  

The panel discussed a wide range of issues during the event including: what is meant by 'cleantech', the debate over the energy gap, the impact of the credit crunch for cleantech companies seeking funding and their expectations for 2009 and beyond.

Listen to the event online via Windows Media Player, or download it to an MP3 player for which you'll need QuickTime installed.

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