The Anaerobic Digestion Task Group

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24 November 2009

The UK Government has finally increased its efforts to achieve a major increase in the use of anaerobic digestion. The Anaerobic Digestion Task Group has been set up as an independent body whose members have been appointed on a personal basis.

The Task Group submitted its Implementation Plan in July highlighting as priority areas for action economics and infrastructure, regulation, technology and demonstration and communication. As far as better communication is concerned, the National Non-Food Crop Centre has recently released a new online advice portal at

The Task Group aims to make recommendations for anaerobic digestion nationally. Current headline recommendations include how feed-in tariffs should complement the existing incentives under the Renewables Obligation and how to facilitate the use of biomethane via direct injection into the grid.

Funding for Anaerobic Digestion

In June Defra awarded grant funding to five AD projects as part of the £10 million Anaerobic Digestion Demonstration Programme. However, Defra's commitment has been exceeded by the Welsh Assembly Government which is providing £20 million of financial support for Welsh local authorities as part of a pan-Wales AD procurement programme. The Programme will deliver a network of AD facilities producing renewable energy and treating at least 132,000 tonnes per annum of source segregated municipal food waste from the 15 local authorities involved.

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