PAS110 and the Classification of Digestate

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18 August 2010

The European Commission has recently approved the Publicly Available Specification for digestate (‘PAS110’).  This Protocol, which concerns digestate derived from the anaerobic digestion of  source-segregated biodegradable materials, creates an industry specification against which producers can verify that the digestate they produce is of consistent quality and is fit for purpose.  If an AD plant meets the required standard, its digestate will be categorised as a fully recovered 'product' and it will no longer be 'waste'.

This change in categorisation will lead to savings in time, effort and money, as it will enable digestate producers to sell digestate as 'bio-fertiliser' and avoid the waste management regulations.

PAS 110 is given official status in England and Wales by the Quality Protocol for Anaerobic Digestate (‘QP’).  The QP clarifies the point at which waste management controls are no longer applicable to the digestate and aims to give users confidence that the digestate they purchase is of a good approved standard.

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