We provide financial support to local organisations through our charity of the year programme and the Burges Salmon charitable trust.

Charity of the year

Our Charity of the Year (COTY) is selected by our people every two years and provides a focus for charitable support and fundraising.

In 2016, we chose Julian House as our COTY. Julian House operates more than 20 different projects, accommodation sites and social enterprises. These include a range of homeless services, support for those suffering domestic violence and addiction recovery support, as well as work experience and training. Through a full range of fundraising and charitable activities that so many of our people took part in over the year, we are pleased to have raised almost £70,000 for Julian House. This included events such as I’m a Partner Get Me out of Here, the Dragon Boat race, Strictly Legal and the Christmas market and Christmas Carols.

Alexis Woodward, area funding manager at Julian House, says: “I have been lucky to work with some great local businesses that have supported Julian House in a variety of different ways, but I have never worked with a company quite like Burges Salmon. I’ve been so impressed with the varied ways in which Burges Salmon have been able to support us this year, and it feels like everyone from across the whole fitm has been a part of our charity partnership.

“It’s been an amazing year, you really have put the ‘fun’ into fundraising!

We were very privileged to have been selected as your charity of the year and together, we achieved great things that have and will continue to help vulnerable men and women in Bristol. On behalf of Julian House, a huge thank you to everyone for such an enjoyable and successful Charity of the Year Partnership, it really has been brilliant!”

2017 is a fallow year and our next COTY will be in 2018. Nominations from our people will take place this summer and these will be shortlisted by our charity committee. The shortlist is then put forward for everyone in the firm to vote. We are aiming to announce the new COTY in Autumn 2017.

Burges Salmon charitable trust

The Burges Salmon charitable trust supports community organisations that are registered charities. The main requirement for our support is that the organisation has a local focus – the charity could be national in scale, provided there is a local remit and any application has a specified local request. The trust supports schemes involving children, the elderly, education, and homelessness among other initiatives. Organisations can apply annually.

If you think your charity may benefit from a donation, please contact us describing your activity and how you would use the money.

For larger donations, the trust also provides funding to the Quartet Community Foundation – a fund with local expertise and knowledge – which helps donors support local causes and charities. To apply for one of these projects, please see the Quartet Community Foundation website for details.

Please address letters to:

Alison Preece, respondent of Burges Salmon Charitable Trust
Burges Salmon LLP
One Glass Wharf

Alternatively, email alison.preece@burges-salmon.com