We provide financial support to local organisations through our charity of the year programme and the Burges Salmon charitable trust.

Charity of the year

Our Charity of the Year (COTY) is selected by our people every two years and provides a focus for charitable support and fundraising.

For 2020, based on feedback and discussions across the firm, we have decided to take a new approach and support our first charitable theme – ‘No Child Goes Hungry’.

This decision means that rather than supporting just one charity, we will be working with and donating funds to a wide range of groups and projects working to combat the issue of child hunger. 

The seriousness of this issue cannot be overstated, as hunger, poor nutrition and obesity impact heavily on young people’s behaviour, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing and educational attainment. Hunger is one of the biggest issues in education at the moment and addressing food poverty will help to support the work we are doing on social mobility. 

This is a national issue with over half a million young people estimated to be regularly going hungry. There are an estimated 26,000 young people in Bristol alone who are living in poverty, with restricted access to proper food. The problem spreads across the country and the decision to work with a number of organisations will allow us to provide assistance in Bristol, Edinburgh and beyond.

Chair of Burges Salmon’s Charity of the Year Committee, Will Woodall, says: “We are all very excited by the new approach to charitable giving that we are taking here at Burges Salmon. By working to combat a specific problem with a range of organisations, we are able to help as many children as we can in Bristol, Edinburgh and beyond to have access to healthy and nutritious food regardless of background. The importance of this issue can’t be overstated, and we are strongly committed to doing our bit to help.”

Burges Salmon charitable trust

The Burges Salmon charitable trust supports community organisations that are registered charities. The main requirement for our support is that the organisation has a local focus – the charity could be national in scale, provided there is a local remit and any application has a specified local request. The trust supports schemes involving children, the elderly, education, and homelessness among other initiatives. Organisations can apply annually.

If you think your charity may benefit from a donation, please contact us describing your activity and how you would use the money.

For larger donations, the trust also provides funding to the Quartet Community Foundation – a fund with local expertise and knowledge – which helps donors support local causes and charities. To apply for one of these projects, please see the Quartet Community Foundation website for details.

Please address letters to:

Alison Preece, respondent of Burges Salmon Charitable Trust
Burges Salmon LLP
One Glass Wharf

Alternatively, email alison.preece@burges-salmon.com