We have objectives and measures that are aligned with our responsible business framework. These help us monitor and manage performance across our four responsible business focus areas: marketplace, workplace, environment and community.

Materiality assessment

By completing a mapping exercise and a materiality assessment, we have identified the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most relevant to us and our stakeholders. Our materiality assessment included an evaluation of where we have the greatest impact, where we can contribute our legal expertise, and what our strategic priorities and stakeholder expectations are.

In the delivery of responsible business, we contribute towards the SDGs and our five key responsible business objectives. These are:

Responsible business

Performance and improvement

To understand where we do well and to help drive continuous improvement we participate in relevant benchmarks such as Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Tracker.

As signatories to the UN Global Compact, we detail our progress in pursuit of its Ten Principles of Responsible Business in our Responsible Business Report. The report details our aspirations for the current year.