What might you gain from an apprenticeship that you might not gain from university?

What are you likely to get out of an apprenticeship? It’s possible to get just as much, if not more, from an apprenticeship, compared to university.

10 January 2020

You may be wondering what you might get out of an apprenticeship and the answer is that it's possible to get just as much out of an apprenticeship, if not more, than you would if you went to university. Apprenticeships give you the chance to earn while you learn, as well as gain a nationally recognised qualification.

With an apprenticeship, you are presented with the opportunity to learn on the job. This includes meeting clients, travelling to different offices, supporting on legal work, and being tasked with items that colleagues such as trainee solicitors are working on.

Qualifying through an apprenticeship is deemed to be a more secure route, compared to qualifying through a law degree, completing an LPC and being selected to complete a training contract. Whilst this time at university would have been spent studying, the apprenticeship route gives you a mix of both study and on the job experience, which sets you apart from others when it comes to applying for your first job.

You may think that by choosing to go down the route of an apprenticeship, you will miss out on the social life that University typically brings. That’s not neccessarily the case however.  The life of an apprentice often involves meeting and working with people at different stages of their career, other apprentices in the firm and apprentices in Bristol with other firms. There are so many social/networking events, groups and clubs to get involved with and this provides that same opportunity to make friends and expand your professional network.

A Legal Apprenticeship with Burges Salmon is focused around working towards a level three or four Paralegal Apprenticeship qualification for the first two years. You can then continue with the level seven Solicitor Apprenticeship for the remaining four years, equaling a total of six years. You may wonder what will happen if you decide you don't want to continue after the first two years. Rest assured that the first two years gives you a taste of what commercial law is really like and if you feel it’s not for you by the end of the level three or four Paralegal Apprenticeship, you will still conclude your apprenticeship with a qualification, an experience that you will never forget and no student finance debt to repay.

There is no right or wrong route to a career in law. What is right for you depends on your individual learning style and what you feel you need from your learning experience. I am currently 18 years old and by the time I am 24, I can be a fully qualified Solicitor with around six years of experience, have a wealth of knowledge around what it means to work in the legal industry and skills that will not only benefit me in my career, but my everyday life too. I cannot recommend the Burges Salmon Legal Apprenticeship enough!

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Written by Legal Apprentice, Albi Kasemi.

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