07 June 2022

1. What attracted you to Burges Salmon?

I was attracted to the work, culture and people.

I trained and qualified at a medium-sized firm in Bristol but had aspirations of joining a larger firm to find more prestigious work and clients. London was an obvious calling but I didn’t want to lose the Bristol lifestyle. Burges Salmon seemed like an obvious choice and I had only ever heard good reviews from friends at the firm, which is backed up by polls like Roll On Friday.

I also wanted to retain the culture that I enjoyed at a mid-sized firm. I didn’t want to become an insignificant cog in some big corporate machine. Burges Salmon goes to great lengths to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere; there is mutual respect between colleagues and senior management. It feels like you are foremost treated as a human than a lawyer.

Finally, I was excited to join a larger cohort so that I could mix with more colleagues both in and out of work. With over 340 lawyers, there is always a new friend to meet with at lunch or for a drink after work. I’ve met some great people here and it’s remarkable how everyone remains normal and likeable in such a bright and ambitious setting.

2. What do you enjoy most about working in the Real Estate team?

I enjoy being part of a large team which carries out a huge variety of work. The department is not split into separate sectors/areas and you are encouraged to try everything as a junior – my workload of bread and butter property matters is complimented with areas such as energy projects, property finance and development. You are allowed to follow the work that interests you and there is no risk of being pigeonholed. I also find the culture in Real Estate to be especially friendly - whilst the work and clients keep us driven, the hard times are only every met with kindness and gratitude from above. There has never been an issue that I’ve been afraid to take up the chain.

3. What kind of social activities can you expect to be involved in?

The social scene is very busy and varied at Burges Salmon. We have regular departmental lunches and after work socials, which are complimented by the headline Christmas/Summer parties and autumn residential. Sports clubs are also well supported and attended – I’m a keen member of the running club which meets at least once a week. Next weekend we are taking part in a relay race along the whole length of Wales! Lawyers at Burges Salmon are a social bunch and our working hours mean that we are actually able to enjoy ourselves.

4. What is life like as a Solicitor at Burges Salmon?

Solicitors at Burges Salmon have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility (backed up with excellent support and training). We are given a high level of trust and the reins to forge our own paths in the firm. My work is very client-facing and I am encouraged to speak for myself. All of this has allowed me to learn and grow very quickly as a junior, which gives me lots of confidence for the future.

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