01 July 2024

For the first time in our Edinburgh Office, the firm welcomed 8 students aged 15-17 for our Bright Sparks work experience programme. Throughout the week, the students participated in interactive workshops to help develop their confidence and employability skills. The workshops covered networking, presentation skills, and CV hints/tips, with guidance from the firm’s Emerging Talent team.

A key aspect of the programme also involved shadowing sessions, where students worked alongside legal and business services professionals. During these sessions, students had the opportunity to gain insights into the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of different members of the firm. By shadowing, students can also explore different career paths and areas of law.

Additionally, students were assigned a project that culminated in a group presentation at the end of the week. The panel included a Partner from the firm, and parents and teachers were also invited.


We asked the students to reflect on their week and describe their time with us:

“My week in Burges Salmon was really enjoyable, I was able to learn so much about the firm and all the roles involved, I was also able to develop lots of brilliant transferrable skills. One of the main skills I was able to develop was my confidence and networking. Before I came I was quite shy and nervous about speaking to people however during this week I could really see my confidence grow, I now don't feel as shy and really enjoy speaking to people which will definitely help me at school and in the future. This week has been really valuable as it has given me an insight to what law firms are actually about and I have been able to speak to so many inspiring people. I don't have many connections in law, so it gave me lots of useful information about the process into law and the skills and preparation necessary. I have also really liked this week as I have been able to meet such a lovely group of ambitious likeminded students who I have really enjoyed working with.”

“I'm currently in S6 and have been fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Burges Salmon, Bright Sparks work experience scheme. I've been interested in a possibility of a career in law for a while so was eager to learn more about what it would entail, and this opportunity gave me exposure to the numerous sections of law that there is. Prior to this experience, I was mostly clueless to the pathway to become a lawyer and over the week it became apparent to me what a typical job as a lawyer would include and the differing pathways available. This will be beneficial to me in the future as I was uncertain about pursuing law in the future. However, I know feel confident that it is something I see myself doing. From shadowing lawyers to day in the lives, it's given a detailed account of the different sectors of law. I'd highly recommend this work experience opportunity and I know it will be greatly beneficial in the future to me.”

Takeaways and Reflections

Overall, the week was a great success, and we look forward to welcoming more students on our Edinburgh Bright Sparks programme in 2025.

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