Chloe Perea-Poole

Chloe Perea Poole Associate


I first came across Burges Salmon at a university law fair and was instantly impressed by how down-to-earth their representatives were for a firm with such a robust reputation. The culture of Burges Salmon is one of its biggest selling points – when you are going to spend so much of your working life immersed in it, finding a firm with an ethos that is right for you is crucial. Burges Salmon is not only dedicated to providing prestigious clients with an unrivalled quality of service, but it also offers its employees a friendly and open atmosphere in which to do so.

Throughout the recruitment process and since starting at the firm it has been apparent that Burges Salmon truly believes that its trainees are integral to the future development of the firm, something clearly evidenced in their impressive retention rates this year (100 per cent of my trainee intake were offered jobs in their chosen departments at the end of their training contract).

The firm's unique six-seat training structure means that you spend the last four months of your training contract in your qualification seat, making the transition from trainee to solicitor much easier than I anticipated. As a newly qualified solicitor in the dispute resolution department, I have already been involved in a wide range of work across the firm's different practice areas and genuinely feel like a valued member of the team.