We provide financial support to local organisations through our charity of the year programme and the Burges Salmon charitable trust.

Charity of the year

Our Charity of the Year (COTY) is selected by our people every two years and provides a focus for charitable support and fundraising.

For 2018, we have chosen Bristol Mind as our COTY. Bristol Mind is a mental health resource for people in Bristol and the surrounding areas. It promotes a positive view of mental health and provides services that are accessible, relevant and empowering to the people using them. Bristol Mind recognises that each individual is a resource for their own recovery. Many of its workers, volunteers and trustees have themselves experienced the impact of emotional and mental distress.

Tom Hore is the charity’s Director: “On behalf of staff, trustees and volunteers at Bristol Mind I can say that we are delighted and proud that Burges Salmon has chosen us as its charity of the year. I feel excited about the year ahead, knowing that so many people within the firm share the passion and commitment that we have to supporting people who are either experiencing mental health issues or at risk of developing them. We are also proud to be associated with an organisation that takes such a positive approach to the wellbeing of its staff, as evidenced by the achievement of excellence across all eight standards for the Bristol Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

“I am very much looking forward to developing our relationship with Burges Salmon over the coming year, and sincerely hope that all staff at the firm will feel the benefit of the partnership.”

Burges Salmon’s chair of its Charity of the Year Committee, Will Woodall, says: “We are thrilled to have chosen Bristol Mind as our Charity of the Year for 2018. It is a fantastic local charity that promotes a positive view of mental health. Plans are very much underway for an exciting year of activities and I encourage everyone to get involved."

Burges Salmon charitable trust

The Burges Salmon charitable trust supports community organisations that are registered charities. The main requirement for our support is that the organisation has a local focus – the charity could be national in scale, provided there is a local remit and any application has a specified local request. The trust supports schemes involving children, the elderly, education, and homelessness among other initiatives. Organisations can apply annually.

If you think your charity may benefit from a donation, please contact us describing your activity and how you would use the money.

For larger donations, the trust also provides funding to the Quartet Community Foundation – a fund with local expertise and knowledge – which helps donors support local causes and charities. To apply for one of these projects, please see the Quartet Community Foundation website for details.

Please address letters to:

Alison Preece, respondent of Burges Salmon Charitable Trust
Burges Salmon LLP
One Glass Wharf

Alternatively, email alison.preece@burges-salmon.com