Philanthropy is often driven by passion, personal values and a desire to give something back. In order to maximise the social impact of charitable giving, it is important that passion is combined with strategy, research and tools which measure impact. In our experience, philanthropy has moved away from traditional charity – which involves providing help for immediate short-term needs – and has moved towards a more strategic philanthropy, which focuses on sustainable change and building for the future. 

One indication of this trend is that an increasing number of individuals, families and businesses are formalising their philanthropy in the form of private charitable foundations. We can help you set up and run private charitable foundations which are the perfect vehicle for charitable giving and creating a lasting legacy.

Philanthropy done well can strengthen and deepen family ties and improve the performance and health of businesses.

Areas of focus

Our philanthropy advice covers the following areas:

  • Strategy – we can help you shape your philanthropic strategy and define your goals.
  • Structuring – we will ensure your philanthropy is properly structured from a legal and tax perspective and will advise on the creation of new charitable vehicles and registration with the Charity Commission and HMRC .
  • Tax aspects – we will advise on the tax aspects of charitable giving, including in relation to cross border giving.
  • Charity law – we can advise on charity law and the responsibilities of charity trustees generally.
  • Provision of directors, trustees and ongoing administration – where appropriate we can act as a professional, independent director or trustee and provide a full administration service.
  • Confidentiality – we can act as a buffer and screen requests for grants, which may come from your contacts and community.
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance – we provide a complete accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance service.
  • Beneficiary due diligence and grant administration – we work with experienced consultants to ensure organisations are researched prior to making any grants so that you can be confident that you partner with reputable, well-run, effective and sustainable organisations.
  • Reporting, monitoring and evaluation – we will measure results along the way to evaluate the overall social impact achieved and to learn and adapt, if necessary.
Meet the team

Catherine de Maid Senior Associate

  • Head of Philanthropy
  • International Tax
  • Succession Planning and Wills
John Barnett

John Barnett Partner

  • Head of Private Client Services
  • Head of Partnerships
  • Tax
Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt Partner

  • Private Wealth
  • Head of Estates and Land
  • Head of Food and Farming
Jim Aveline

Jim Aveline Partner

  • Private Client Services
  • Family Offices and Family Businesses
  • Food and Farming
Suzanna Harvey

Suzanna Harvey Partner

  • Private Client Services
  • International Tax
  • International Trusts
Beatrice Puoti

Beatrice Puoti Partner

  • Head of Private Wealth
  • Private Client Services
  • International Tax and Trust

What others say...

Exceptional team capable of handling complex and sensitive matters. Particularly strong on offshore and cross-border work, providing traditional private client services to high net worth individuals, private banks and trustees.

Chambers UK 2016