March 2021: Scam alert involving the misuse of the Burges Salmon name.

We have been made aware of a scam involving emails attempting to misuse the name of the firm.

The scam emails use the domains and and purport to be from Burges Salmon. We do not use the names burgesandsalmon, burgesssalmonllb or as our domain. This scam has been reported to the police and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Genuine emails from Burges Salmon only use the domain of ‘’

General Scam/Fraud guidance

If you receive a communication purporting to be from Burges Salmon and you are in any doubt about whether or not it is genuine, please telephone your usual Burges Salmon contact to obtain confirmation or contact us at

We report fraudulent activities involving our name or the names of our lawyers and people to the relevant regulatory and law enforcement agencies. You can also report confirmed suspicious e-mails that you receive (also known as phishing e-mails) to the National Cyber Security Centre’s Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) at

We will endeavour to highlight the major frauds, scams and impersonations we become aware of on this fraud alerts page, but unfortunately the increasing volume and type of frauds and scams means that it is impossible to prevent the misuse of the firm’s name and the names of our lawyers and people.

Warning: Money Transfers to Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon bank details will never change during a transaction. Please telephone to confirm our bank details using our contact numbers published in the Solicitors Register on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website before sending us any money.

Given recent high profile media cases regarding fraudulent alterations to bank account details, in particular those relating to law firms, please note that you cannot rely on any bank account details sent to you by e-mail without first verifying them with us, even if they appear to be from this firm.

Key contact

Paul Haggett

Paul Haggett Partner

  • General Counsel
  • DPO