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Don't rely on equitable set-off

Primarius ran into cash flow difficulties supplying Bombardier with train seats for rolling stock. Bombardier agreed to provide materials as Free Issue Material to enable continued manufacture.
09 January 2015

When a conversation becomes a contract

In Bieber v Teathers, the Judge held that emails can be used to form a binding contract (whether intentional or not).
29 December 2014

The question of necessity "in implied terms"

In the spotlight: Implied terms. The Supreme Court  granted permission to appeal the Court of Appeal's decision in Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company.
29 December 2014

ORR launches review of the Rolling Stock Leasing Market Investigation Order 2009

The Office of Rail Regulation has launched a consultation into the operation of the Rolling Stock Leasing Market Investigation Order 2009.
29 December 2014

Loss of profits and exclusion clauses

The High Court recently published its judgment in the case of Polypearl Ltd v E.On Energy Solutions Ltd [2014]EWHC 3045. The case was a preliminary issue on the interpretation of the exclusion clause.
19 December 2014

Consumer Rights - progress

The Consumer Rights Bill consolidates the majority of UK consumer law. We examine the detail.
16 December 2014


Concept ; Winter 2014

The latest issue of Burges Salmon's IP and technology bulletin looks at blocking injunctions for trade mark owners, the final instalment of the litigation between Specsavers and Asda and more.
05 December 2014


Higher Education sector Call for Information: CMA consultation and guidance

We consider guidance on information provision, terms, conditions and complaints handling in relation to the Competition and Markets Authority's consultation on draft consumer protection law.
27 November 2014


Should I stay or should I go? (Revisited) - further automatic suspension upheld

Further to our briefing, Procurement Challenges - should I stay or should I go?, the English High Court has stayed another contract award. We consider what this means here.
13 November 2014


High Court opens up blocking injunction remedial avenue for trade mark owners

What are the circumstances in which internet service providers can be made to block access to websites selling counterfeit goods? Arnold J has provided some answers in his judgment in a recent case.
04 November 2014


Procurement challenges ; should I stay or should I go?

Two English judgments reported in October 2014 reinforced principles determining whether a contract award is halted pending trial or allowed, leaving a bidder to make out only a damages claim.
31 October 2014

Cyber Essentials controls made mandatory

From 1 October 2014 suppliers must comply with the new Cyber Essentials security requirements when bidding for some central government contracts.
20 October 2014
Showing 109-120 of 239 results
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