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Clavis Liberty 1 v HMRC – anti-avoidance provisions cannot be used to avoid tax

A partnership attempted to use an anti-avoidance provision to create artificial losses. This was held to be ineffective as anti-avoidance provisions cannot be used to avoid tax.
03 August 2016

Government consultation: proposal to change partnership legislation

HM Treasury is consulting on its proposal to change the partnership legislation for private equity investments.
03 December 2015

The pitfalls of abiding by LLP Agreements in Investment Fund Partnerships

A dispute over a member’s continued membership of an Investment Fund LLP has highlighted the difficulties in managing individuals and the business where LLP agreements are involved.
04 August 2015

Will the court force a disintegrating partnership to sell assets to one partner?

Partnerships which are breaking up face a series of urgent problems – particularly where the business itself is becoming insolvent.
16 October 2014

Supreme Court ruling on 'worker' status of LLP members

In an important decision for LLPs and members of LLPs, the Supreme Court has ruled that a member of an LLP is a 'worker' and therefore entitled to whistleblowing protection.
29 May 2014


Age, Partnerships and Undue Influence

A partner forced or coerced into putting valuable personal property into a partnership may be able to convince a court to dissolve that partnership to retrieve some or all of the value.
19 September 2013


Food, Farming and Land Quarterly ; Summer 2013

The latest edition of Food, Farming and Land Quarterly, discussing current issues in the sector.
06 September 2013

The risk of inadvertently forming a legal partnership

Beware the pitfalls of informal partnerships is the message as the Court of Appeal passes judgment on the high profile Llott v Williams case.
25 July 2013

Office of Tax Simplification to review Partnership Taxation

The Office of Tax Simplification ('OTS') is to carry out an initial review of partnership taxation by Autumn 2013.
23 July 2013
Showing 1-9 of 9 results
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