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In Focus - Employment Law News - Winter 2013/14

Welcome to the Winter 2013/14 edition of In Focus, our quarterly update keeping you informed of developments in employment law.
24 January 2014

How sacred is the day of rest?

An employee’s belief that they should not work on a particular day does not have to be a core part of their religion in order to fall under religious discrimination legislation.
11 December 2013

When can an employer dismiss an employee on the grounds of ill health?

A difficult question for many employers is when can they fairly dismiss an employee who has been absent from work for some time due to ill health?
09 December 2013


The lawyers guide to surviving Christmas

Christmas is full of cheer or potential lawsuits depending on who you are. Shelley Crofts provides her guide to negotiating the festive minefield. Published online by Management Today, December 2013.
09 December 2013

Ensuring temporary workers are trained

The Information Commissioner's Office has recently taken action against Great Ormond Street Hospital following a breach of data protection.
06 December 2013


Administration and TUPE: ETO reason

Administrators can rely on economic, technical or organisational reasons for dismissals before a sale if they enable trading (Court of Appeal in Crystal Palace FC Limited v Kavanagh and others).
02 December 2013

Can you be paid for sleeping? Yes, says the EAT

The EAT has ruled that workers who are required to 'sleep over' at a specified place in the course of their employment are entitled to National Minimum Wage for all the hours at work.
27 November 2013

Employment status

Halawi provides a useful insight into the relevant tests and how they are likely to be applied in certain employment law circumstances.
26 November 2013


When is two too much?

James Green considers how to best tackle a shadowy issue of 'moonlighting' in the November 2013 edition of Employers' Law.
11 November 2013


Legal Q&A: Redundancy and employees with disabilities

Redundancies are rarely straightforward and, if a disabled employee is involved, companies' standard procedures may need to be adjusted.
01 November 2013

Financial penalties for employers

It has been reported that the power to impose financial penalties on employers who lose an employment tribunal claim will be introduced in April 2014.  
25 October 2013


Dealing with the provision of employee benefits following a TUPE transfer

James Green discusses the obligations of transferee employers in relation to the provision of employees’ benefits in order to protect their terms and conditions following a TUPE transfer.
15 October 2013
Showing 193-204 of 224 results
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