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How to deal with an employee who makes, or requests to make, a recording of a meeting

Employers should develop a clear strategy for responding to requests to record work meetings. James Green gives guidance on possible scenarios.
18 November 2016

Reforms to public sector exit payments

The government recently published its response to the consultation on reforms to public sector exit payments. In this briefing, we explain what changes are now expected, when and what you should do.
08 November 2016

Uber drivers pass go in 'workers' test case

An employment tribunal has found that, under the Uber business model, two drivers were workers, not self-employed contractors, and were therefore entitled to national minimum wage and paid holiday.
02 November 2016

Bakery guilty of discrimination over gay marriage cake – Lee v Ashers Bakery

The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal has found that a bakery directly discriminated against a customer by refusing to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage.
28 October 2016

Corporate governance: workers on boards?

Theresa May's suggestion is gaining support from senior City figures but what are the barriers to widespread employee representation on boards?
20 October 2016

Regulatory references: making informed decisions on recruitment

In September 2016 the PRA and FCA published a final set of rules on regulatory references, following a consultation launched in October 2015. The new rules come into force on 7 March 2017.
14 October 2016

Employment Edit – what's new in employment law?

This fortnight's update covers the employment status of Uber drivers, holiday pay, shared parental leave and immigration.
12 October 2016

Holiday pay should include results-based commission says Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal confirms holiday pay must include an element to compensate for any contractual results-based commission that an employee would ordinarily have earned if they were not on holiday.
12 October 2016


Discrimination risks: requirement to speak English at work and dress codes

The requirement to speak English at work and dress codes at work are policy areas where employers should tread carefully to avoid discrimination. Deborah Bulman considers recent legal controversies.
15 September 2016

The role of HR during disciplinary investigations

In Dronsfield v University of Reading, the EAT has re-examined the role of HR in investigations and disciplinary proceedings - a topic currently under the spotlight in Employment Tribunals.
12 September 2016

Employment law round up

Key employment law developments affecting food and farming.
25 July 2016


Behaving badly

Employers need to tread carefully in situations where disparity of treatment arises. Associate Natalie Jeffries looks at the lessons learned from key cases.
08 July 2016
Showing 49-60 of 241 results
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