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Family Owned Business newsletter

This edition discusses recent developments with employee incentives, tax efficient sale, alternative finance and the result of two recent surveys of family businesses.
29 January 2014

Capital gains tax relief available on sale of flat occupied by elderly relative

Taxpayers successfully claimed principal private residence relief from capital gains tax on the sale of a flat occupied by an elderly parent.
28 January 2014


Private Client Briefing ; Winter 2013/2014

Our latest update on the topical issues and legal developments for private clients.
14 January 2014

Non-Residents to pay UK Capital Gains Tax from 2015

UK Chancellor George Osborne MP announced on 5 December that gains made on sales of UK residential property by non-UK residents after April 2015 will be liable to UK capital gains tax. 
09 December 2013

Capital Gains Tax on Non-Residents holding UK property – is it time to panic?

Those residents outside the UK do not – with a few exceptions – pay Capital Gains Tax on UK real-estate. However, this may be about to change...
19 November 2013


Freezing orders; a judicial warning

Family team partner Sarah Hoskinson and solicitor Mary Gaskins summarise guidance and practice points on freezing orders in the recent divorce case of UL v BK.
10 October 2013


Commercial Uses of Trusts

Katharina Byrne has contributed an article to the September edition of International Taxation. To find out more, read her full article, 'Commercial Uses of Trusts'. 
25 September 2013


Food, Farming and Land Quarterly ; Summer 2013

The latest edition of Food, Farming and Land Quarterly, discussing current issues in the sector.
06 September 2013


Meeting your ATED obligations

The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings is a new UK tax payable in respect of any UK residential property that was worth more than £2 million on 1 April 2012 and owned by a company from 1 April 2013.
04 September 2013

We are family – paying the right price for domestic workers

In Nambalat v Tahor, the Court of Appeal provided guidance as to when a domestic worker is 'treated as a member of the employer's family' and therefore not entitled to the NMW.
14 August 2013

Furnished Holiday Lets - but no break from Inheritance Tax?

What are the current rules for Business Property Relief for IHT on holiday cottages?
14 August 2013

Budget more exasperation than aspiration for the farming community

Proposed changes to the way in which restrictions on the deductibility of certain debts for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes are dealt with could have an impact on farm borrowings.
14 August 2013
Showing 133-144 of 151 results
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