Delivering the Industrial Strategy

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Perspectives on infrastructure: Delivering the Industrial Strategy

Views from industry leaders and key decision makers on how the public and private sectors can work together to deliver the government's Industrial Strategy.
15 June 2018


Perspectives on infrastructure: Housing

Views from industry leaders and key decision makers on the role infrastructure plays in the delivery of UK housing.
26 April 2018

Data is infrastructure: how is data transforming UK construction and infrastructure?

The National Infrastructure Commission and Constructing Excellence recently considered the transformative use of data in infrastructure. We anticipate some of the likely legal challenges.
01 February 2018


Going Electric: the impact of electric vehicles on energy and transport infrastructure

A five-year forecast looking at the impact of electric vehicles on energy and transport infrastructure and the associated challenges and opportunities. We sum up key themes from our Highways UK panel.
04 December 2017


Investing in renewables and storage for the future of UK energy systems

In this interview, Steve Shine OBE discusses why Anesco built the UK's first subsidy-free solar farm and why investors need certainty, not subsidies.
30 November 2017


Electric vehicles: what are the infrastructure challenges and opportunities?

There can be little doubt that electric vehicles will continue to gain market share from petrol and diesel vehicles. But how quickly and to what extent? Ed Barratt looks at some of the issues.
07 November 2017

How to mitigate risk for large-scale infrastructure projects

Large-scale infrastructure projects present huge procurement challenges. Contracting parties can mitigate risk through careful contract drafting and negotiations.
12 October 2017

Construction disputes in complex projects: getting your dispute resolution procedure right

Complex projects raise a number of difficulties when it comes to dispute resolution. What are the key considerations and how can you best address these in your dispute resolution procedure?
28 September 2017


The energy sector and the future of infrastructure

In this interview Burges Salmon's Euan Bremner discusses innovation in energy sector and why it's only a matter of time before we can create infrastructure out of solar panels.
19 September 2017


The impact of ecommerce on UK infrastructure

In this interview Burges Salmon's Matt Sims discusses the logistical challenges facing retailers and the impact of ecommerce on UK infrastructure.
01 September 2017


Changing the game in the infrastructure sector

In this interview Jackie Sadek, Chief Executive at UK Regeneration, discusses the push to improve UK infrastructure delivery and the impact of HS2 and Crossrail on attracting talent to the sector.
18 August 2017


What challenges does infrastructure face as an asset class?

In this interview Darryl Murphy, Head of Infrastructure Debt at Aviva Investors, discusses the challenges that infrastructure faces as an asset class and how to improve infrastructure delivery.
11 August 2017
Showing 1-12 of 22 results
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