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Press release

Burges Salmon advised Anesco on UK's first subsidy-free solar farm

Anesco’s Clayhill solar farm and energy storage facility will generate enough electricity for around 2,500 homes and save 4,452 tonnes of carbon.
29 September 2017

Will landlords have to police tobacco duty evasion by tenants?

One of the more unlikely government consultations this year has been the one proposing that landlords should take responsibility for preventing tobacco and other excise duty evasion at let property.
28 September 2017

VAT on the conversion of partly non-residential buildings

Subject to any further appeals, zero-rating for VAT purposes will not apply to the sale of new dwellings that are created from the non-residential and residential parts of the original building.
28 September 2017

Proposed Beneficial Ownership Register of overseas entities owning UK land

Overseas entities may have to provide details of their beneficial ownership for a public register at Companies House in order to acquire or dispose of UK real estate or bid for government contracts.
03 August 2017

Special protection for retail premises in London?

Over the last year, there has been a noticeable change in the protection offered to retail premises in London. We provide a summary of the key changes to the planning regime and their impact.
03 August 2017

Agile working – a nutshell guide for employers

Agile working has the potential to benefit employers and employees. But what do employers need to be live to when agreeing these arrangements?
03 August 2017


UK infrastructure delivery: an interview with Riette Oosthuizen, HTA Design LLP

A video interview with Riette Oosthuizen, Partner at HTA Design LLP on the delivery of UK infrastructure. Topics include aspirational housing projects and the importance of academic institutions.
25 July 2017


Perspectives on infrastructure: How can we improve the delivery of UK infrastructure?

Views from industry leaders and key decision makers on the challenges facing the infrastructure sector.
13 June 2017

The Modern Slavery Act – making a statement in the construction industry

The Modern Slavery Act is an important step forward when addressing the problem of human trafficking and forced labour in the construction industry. 
05 May 2017

Adjudication enforcement: administration is no escape route

In South Coast Construction Ltd v Iverson Road Ltd, the Technology and Construction Court found that an administration moratorium should not prevent enforcement.  
06 April 2017

MEES: a guide to the minimum energy efficiency standard for commercial buildings

A guide for landlords, investors, developers and lenders on the new legal standard for minimum energy efficiency.
10 March 2017

Bank lending to the agricultural sector – legal tips for borrowers

With agricultural land values now levelling out, how can landowners keep their legal spend under control when looking to remortgage?
09 March 2017
Showing 37-48 of 147 results
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