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European Commission to investigate e-commerce and geo-blocking

The European Commission’s sector inquiry to investigate how competition in the e-commerce sector is working across Europe is set to start this month.
05 May 2015


Consumer Rights Act 2015: private actions in competition law

Section 81 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 reforms the UK regime for private actions for breaches of competition law, arguably making it easier for parties to bring claims in the UK for damages.
05 May 2015

Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights Bill received Royal Assent on 26 March, just before Parliament ended for the run-up to the General Election.
28 April 2015

Retailers, consumers, payment cards and interchange fees

Good news for businesses and consumers accepting and using payment cards: the new Payment Systems Regulator and the capping of interchange fees for payments made with debit and credit cards. 
22 April 2015

Damages Directive: more effective enforcement of competition rules?

After over a decade of discussion and debate, the Damages Directive was formally adopted at the end of 2014, and Member States have until 27 December 2016 to implement it into national laws.
16 April 2015


CMA plans for 2015/16

The Competition and Markets Authority's 2015 Annual Plan of activities and priorities and its Strategic Assessment highlight how companies should have their house in order in competition terms.
27 March 2015

Another Competition Act commitments decision with a ‘structural’ dimension

Ofwat has brought its abuse of dominance investigation into Bristol Water's activities in relation to the self-lay market to an end with the acceptance of commitments offered by Bristol Water.
26 March 2015

Courts uphold 12 month restrictive covenant

In two recent cases, the courts have been prepared to uphold a 12 month post termination non-compete restrictive covenant.
19 May 2014


Recent developments in private litigation, merger control, cartels and markets work

In this Briefing we consider a number of developments across different aspects of competition law, both in the United Kingdom and at the EU level.
31 March 2014

Technology transfer agreements: new EU rules

The revised Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation (TTBER) and Technology Transfer Guidelines will replace the existing TTBER and Guidelines from 1 May 2014 onwards.
25 March 2014


Recent developments in UK and EU competition law

We look at recent developments in UK and EU competition law which will influence how competition law is applied in the future in cartel enforcement, merger control, antitrust investigations and more.
15 January 2014

Shrimp cartel fined by European Commission

On 27 November 2013 the European Commission announced that it has found four North Sea shrimp traders guilty of operating an illegal price fixing cartel. 
29 November 2013
Showing 37-48 of 58 results
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