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MEES: a guide to the minimum energy efficiency standard for commercial buildings

A guide for landlords, investors, developers and lenders on the new legal standard for minimum energy efficiency.
10 March 2017

Environmental Permits: Court of Appeal rejects dual regulation

The court found that activities requiring an environmental permit could not be subject to joint regulation by the Environment Agency and local authority. We explain the case and the key messages.
03 March 2017

SSAFO Regulations: is your farm compliant?

Farming businesses should check the integrity of farm infrastructure and ensure compliance with the Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil Regulations.
03 February 2017

Enforcement undertakings for environmental offences gather momentum

Enforcement undertakings allow businesses to take control of environmental offences and propose steps to make amends. Environment Agency figures show businesses are embracing the novel civil sanction.
02 February 2017

Scotland plans overhaul of environmental permitting

A consultation by SEPA and the Scottish Government proposes an integrated framework for environmental authorisations.
23 January 2017

Influencing UK chemicals regulation after Brexit

Businesses dealing with chemicals and products should get involved in the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry.
12 January 2017

Closing the Loop: Moving towards a Circular Economy in 2017

Dispute Resolution Festive Forecast: today, we look at the EU Commission’s legislative proposals regarding the Circular Economy.
14 December 2016

Natural England proposes a lighter touch to regulation

Natural England, the nature regulator and the government's adviser for the natural environment in England, has published its new conservation strategy, entitled "Conservation 21".
05 December 2016

Government's air quality plan quashed by High Court: implications for the transport sector

The High Court has ruled that the government's plans to address poor air quality do not do enough to meet the UK's legal obligations under EU law.
29 November 2016

Government's Air Quality Plan quashed – what are the implications for construction?

The High Court tells the government to move more quickly and take tougher measures to address poor air quality. What does this mean for construction projects?
29 November 2016

National Infrastructure Schemes – a multi-million pound opportunity for farmers?

A report by think tank Green Alliance and the National Trust proposes National Infrastructure Schemes, whereby farmers could be paid to reduce flood risks and increase water quality.
09 November 2016

An overview of the Radioactive Contaminated Land Regime

This overview provides a brief explanation of the Radioactive Contaminated Land Regime and the key points to be aware of for landowners and organisations using radioactive substances.
09 November 2016
Showing 73-84 of 191 results
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