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DExEU policy papers: what next for Brexit negotiations?

Ahead of the UK and EU’s third negotiation session, we consider whether the recently released government policy papers are a step towards driving the Brexit negotiations forward.
30 August 2017

UK Agriculture Policy after Brexit: are we asking the right questions?

The most important question to be asked in deciding on the shape of UK Agriculture Policy after Brexit is why any payments are to be made, not whether they should be made or to whom.
01 August 2017

Brexit and the EU data protection package: House of Lords EU Committee publish report

The House of Lords EU Committee has published a report which looks at how changes to the EU’s data protection laws will affect data transfers between the UK and EU after the UK leaves the EU.
27 July 2017

The impact of Brexatom

When the UK leaves Euratom Community all legislation, recommendations, decisions or communications derived from the Euratom Treaty will cease to have legal effect in the UK.
26 June 2017

The UK's options for leaving the Euratom community ("Brexatom")

The government has recognised the need to avoid potentially harmful cliff edge effects in the UK's transition to a long term free trade agreement with the European Union.
26 June 2017

Brexit for EEA nationals

This briefing looks at some of the steps that EEA and Swiss nationals can take now to protect their immigration status.
14 June 2017

The 'Great Repeal Bill' White Paper

We examine the government's White Paper on the proposed approach to withdrawing from the European Union and what will happen to EU-derived law.
22 May 2017

Parliament demands urgent clarity on UK chemicals regulation post-Brexit

An inquiry by Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee concludes that the government must develop a post-Brexit plan for UK chemicals regulation without delay.
04 May 2017

Brexit: IP in the UK and EU, post Article 50

We consider the potential implications for IP strategy in the UK and EU following the UK government's notification of invoking Article 50.  
05 April 2017

Brexit: Article 50 and beyond

The government has triggered Article 50, commencing the Brexit process of withdrawing the UK from the EU.  
29 March 2017

HM Treasury consults on PSD2 implementation – a test case for post-Brexit legislation?

PSD2 is one of few legislative acts that is ahead of current practices. We look at how HM Treasury's proposals sit with existing payments legislation.
14 February 2017

Construction contract drafting in a post-Brexit world: labour and import duties

In the third of the series we look in more detail at drafting considerations for labour and import duty clauses.
25 January 2017
Showing 37-48 of 75 results
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