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A to Z of construction disputes: Avoidance and resolution – Part 1: A to M

This two-part article explains some of the key concepts that anyone involved in the construction industry needs to know in order to avoid or resolve construction disputes
14 May 2019

Lending to sponsoring employers: A stronger Pensions Regulator

In February 2019, the government laid plans to strengthen the Pensions Regulator's powers. This briefing summarises how the key proposals will affect sponsoring employers and their financiers.

14 May 2019

Press release

Burges Salmon and the University of Bristol launch new initiative for research and innovation

Burges Salmon and the University of Bristol launch new collaborative initiative that will explore the use of AI and data science, improving productivity in professional services and the future of work.
13 May 2019

Children and age-restricted ads: new statutory controls proposed on HFSS advertising

Tackling the promotion of HFSS products to children remains high on the ASA's agenda. This is likely to step up amid the government's consultation to introduce a 9.00pm watershed on HFSS product ads
10 May 2019

Industrial Warehousing and Logistics - procuring the warehouse of the future

This article comments on construction issues in the demolition phase and considers how technological advances and changes in construction methods are reshaping how industrial assets are procured
08 May 2019

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Burges Salmon shortlisted for brace of UK and European pensions awards

The firm’s Pensions team has been shortlisted for both the UK Pensions Awards 2019 and European Pensions Awards 2019
03 May 2019

Acoustic Shock: Royal Opera House loses appeal against landmark decision

The Royal Opera House has lost its appeal against an unprecedented High Court decision in which a violist won compensation for irreversible acoustic shock suffered during rehearsals
03 May 2019

Geographical Indications after Brexit: the impact on food names

How far will the UK go to protect food names when faced with competing trade pressures from the EU and US?
02 May 2019

Electronic Communications Code: Expect the expected?

Three recent Upper Tribunal decisions have continued the trend of Electronic Communications Code cases being decided in favour of telecoms operators

01 May 2019

Court of Appeal finds yet another registered community design valid but not infringed

The Court of Appeal’s decision follows a line of cases where designs have been found to be valid but not infringed taking into account the degree of design freedom in more technical designs
29 April 2019

Caution for new, noise-sensitive developments

Recent case law highlights how the agent of change principle, in the revised NPPF, may be applied in challenging planning decisions. We outline the key points from the cases
26 April 2019

Press release

Burges Salmon launches in Edinburgh

Burges Salmon will open a new office in Edinburgh, responding to the needs of its clients and demonstrating the firm's continued commitment to the Scottish market
24 April 2019
Showing 97-108 of 2550 results
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