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Current insurance law reform

Many of the harsher features of insurance law are in the process of being reformed. We take a look at proposals of particular interest to businesses purchasing insurance.
31 March 2014


Double insurance and indemnities

Businesses can find they have placed more than one insurance policy which could respond to an incident. Our insurance team takes a look at the general principles and the practical considerations. 
27 February 2014


Business interruption insurance: take care with the details

Following an event that threatens to disrupt business, business interruption insurance is one of the tools that may be available to manage and minimise the risk of revenue loss or additional costs.
21 January 2014


When is a contract insurance and why does it matter?

Insurance contracts are among the most commonly used agreements in the world. Our insurance team takes a closer look at insurance contracts and their implications.
31 December 2013

Disclosure of Defendant’s Insurance

Insured parties entering disputes and insurers generally should take note of the potential shift in balance between parties arising from a judge having the policy.
29 November 2013


Taking an interest in insurance

This article describes how a third party can take an interest in insurance cover and key issues to look out for when doing so including noting an interest, loss payee clauses and co-insurance.
26 November 2013


Trade Credit Insurance and when to use it

Our insurance team takes a closer look at Trade Credit Insurance and explains why it may be useful to businesses.
28 October 2013


Warranty and Indemnity Insurance and other Transaction Liability Insurance Products

Our insurance briefing covers the increased use of transaction liability insurance (TLI) products in an increasingly buoyant M&A market.
19 September 2013


A guide to D&O policies

In many industries directors and other senior company officers face an increasing risk of civil claims or criminal investigations. One way to protect themselves is Directors & Officers insurance.
23 August 2013


Insurance Layering

Insurance Layering: Is an insured and/or insurer entitled to choose which claims to meet out of each layer of a programme of insurance so as to maximise their recovery?
16 August 2013


Entitlement to commission when brokers are changed mid-term

Useful guidance on the general principles which will apply to mid-term broker changes has recently been provided by the Commercial Court.
05 August 2013

Court of Appeal rules on compensation for bus operators facing damage by negligent drivers

The Court of Appeal recently passed judgment on how much compensation bus operators are entitled to when faced with damage caused by negligent drivers.
22 July 2013
Showing 49-60 of 63 results
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Results per page


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