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How to navigate the brand protection challenges exacerbated by COVID-19

Following the shift to digital platforms and e-commerce in the wake of COVID-19, we look at how to protect revenue streams and brand value against counterfeiters
10 June 2020

Amazon not liable for mere storage of grey market perfumes

In Coty v Amazon the CJEU has ruled on warehouse provider and e-commerce platform liability for trade mark infringement in the EU

21 May 2020

Summary Judgment: a powerful enforcement tool in a brand owner’s armoury

The bailiffs featured in the ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!’ TV show successfully applied for summary judgment in passing off against a rival debt collection agency
07 May 2020

IPEC claims: clarification that the legal costs recovery cap of £50K is inclusive of VAT

The only exceptions to the cap on the recovery of legal costs is where a party behaves unreasonably (CPR 45.32) or where ‘Henderson’ exceptional circumstances apply
04 May 2020

ASA rulings point to a proactive regulatory approach during the COVID-19 crisis

While the ASA is adapting its regulatory approach to the COVID-19 crisis, recent rulings show a readiness to act when public health and consumer trust are at stake
30 April 2020

SkyKick: UK High Court issues eagerly anticipated decision

The UK High Court found a number of Sky’s trade marks partially invalid on the grounds of bad faith, but notwithstanding this, SkyKick was still found liable for infringement
30 April 2020

New EUIPO Common Practice Updates on Shape Trade Marks and Online Disclosure of Designs

The EUIPO has published two new Common Practices, the first relating to registrability of shape trade marks and the second relating to online design disclosure
24 April 2020

Copyright protection for original clothing designs

The UK applies the ECJ’s Cofemel decision and rules that 'complete conformity' with EU law precludes any requirement for artistic or aesthetic value in copyright works
17 April 2020

Blow for Nestlé as it fails to establish reputation of its 'ONE' trade mark

This case is a suitable reminder for brand owners when presenting evidence in support of its reputation, to cover the trade mark in its exact registered form
15 April 2020

How are Courts approaching commercial confidentiality?

The High Court has given further guidance on when confidentiality rings may be available to protect the commercial confidentiality of information and when they will not
30 March 2020

SkyKick: trade marks with broad specifications are valid unless registered in bad faith

The CJEU has held that the use of broad terms in a trade mark specification is not grounds for invalidity but a lack of intention to use the mark for those goods and services could amount to bad faith
14 February 2020

Seeing red: UK High Court holds Babybel's 'red wax' trade mark invalid

The UK IPO’s decision to invalidate the Babybel shape trade mark was upheld by the High Court due to lack of clarity and precision in the colour 'red'

13 February 2020
Showing 25-36 of 149 results
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