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Copyright protection for TV formats: new guidance from UK High Court

The High Court has affirmed that television formats are potentially eligible for copyright protection under UK copyright law as 'dramatic works', even if the format contains elements of spontaneity.
20 November 2017

IP update: three things you need to know about the October 2017 changes

On 1 October 2017, several changes came into effect in relation to EU trade marks. The Intellectual Property “Unjustified Threats” Act is also now force. We summarise the key points.
30 October 2017

Sales of counterfeit products thrive on social media

Independent research from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has identified how social media platforms exacerbate the sale of counterfeit goods online.
02 October 2017

Press release

Burges Salmon broadcasts BBC appointment

Burges Salmon is now responsible for all UK and EU trade mark applications and registrations for the BBC and BBC Worldwide.
21 September 2017

Sale of grey market goods is a criminal offence confirms Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has confirmed that grey market goods fall under the protection of section 92 Trade Marks Act 1994 and infringers may now face criminal liability.
25 August 2017

IP Enterprise Court rejects 'own name' defence for pets

Azumi Limited, owner of London's ZUMA Japanese restaurant, has successfully brought a trade mark infringement claim against Zuma’s Choice Pet Products Limited.
02 August 2017

CJEU rules the sale of multimedia players with piracy add-ons illegal

Copyright owners’ rights have further been strengthened in the CJEU’s latest "communication to the public" ruling (C-527/15 Filmspeler).
02 August 2017

The importance of distinctiveness: Enercon fails to secure trade marks

Global wind turbine manufacturer, Enercon, fails to register EU trade marks due to lack of distinctiveness.
02 August 2017

Premier League “live” blocking order against livestream servers renewed for 2017/18 season

Arnold J has effectively renewed a March 2017 injunction, requiring UK ISPs to now block access to servers infringing the Premier League's copyright in the 2017/18 Premier League.
02 August 2017

Three stripes and you're out: Adidas trade mark dispute continues

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has confirmed its 2016 decision to uphold Shoe Branding Europe’s invalidity request in relation to Adidas' three-stripe trade mark.

02 August 2017

When does third party use of a trade mark cross the line from informative to misleading?

The Court of Appeal has provided clear guidance on the distinction between informative and misleading use of a trade mark by a third party.
30 June 2017

If it looks like a KitKat… why perception alone isn’t enough for shape trade marks

As Nestlé loses its battle to register the 3D shape of its KitKat bar as a UK trade mark, we set out some practical tips for businesses wishing to register their products as shape marks.
26 June 2017
Showing 73-84 of 149 results
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