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The new LGPS Management and Investment of Funds Regulations 2016

This update provides a summary of the key changes introduced by the new regulations.
12 October 2016

Little change in rules for Pension Protection Fund levy 2017/18

The PPF proposes minor change to the levy rules for 2017/18. Meanwhile, as it warned, it is looking more closely at the value of contingent assets and may now reject some it recognised in the past.
29 September 2016

VAT and pensions: current practices can now continue until January 2018

HMRC has put back by an extra year changes to VAT recovery in relation to pension schemes
06 September 2016

When are funds drawn down under a SIPP subject to an IPO?

The High Court has determined the circumstances in which sums drawn down under a self-investment personal pension scheme could be subject to an income payments order. 
09 August 2016

Rectification cases – greater openness required

The Court sets guidelines for pension scheme rectification claims without a public court hearing, marking a shift in approach to rectification cases.
03 August 2016

DC pensions: new Code of Practice and ‘how to’ guides

The Regulator’s new DC Code of Practice has come into force with effect from 28 July 2016. The Regulator has developed six 'how to' guides to provide practical information and examples.
01 August 2016

Defined contribution schemes: automatic penalty if chairman's statement is late

Trustees of most DC schemes will receive an automatic civil penalty of £500 if their annual chairman's statement is late.
21 July 2016

SIPP investment due diligence – how far do you have to go?

Following the Pensions Ombudsman decision in Mr N v Stadia Trustees, we consider the level of due diligence expected of SIPP operators by the FCA.
04 July 2016

Actuary has no concern for security

The actuary is not required to consider the security of benefits where a bulk transfer without member consents is proposed. Increased security cannot be traded off against lower headline benefits.
29 June 2016

Early exit charges in pension schemes

A cap on early exit charges will apply to "flexible benefits" from 2017 if current proposals go through. It will be 1% in existing schemes and 0% in new ones.
29 June 2016

Pensions and VAT: employer's ability to recover

HMRC's position on the employer's ability to recover VAT on the cost of services to its scheme looks close to being settled. But it may be the Brexit vote will delay implementation.
29 June 2016

Three Bills on pensions

Three Bills in the next session of Parliament affect pensions. The Pensions Bill and the Lifetime Savings Bill have yet to be published. Work on the Finance Bill began before the recess.  
29 June 2016
Showing 85-96 of 177 results
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