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Employment law updates: important changes for employers

Employment updates covering legislation changes, new regulations and legal cases. Important updates for employers, HR professionals and in-house lawyers.
21 March 2019


Unfair Prejudice Circular

This circular examines a number of unfair prejudice petitions that came before the courts recently. We discuss what these cases tell us about how the courts are currently approaching a range of issues
20 March 2019

The Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund and Low Carbon Transport

This briefing aims to give developers, investors and funders an idea of some of the key legal areas to focus on when looking at investment in charging infrastructure and electric vehicle projects.
20 March 2019

Pension scheme consolidators or 'superfunds'

The DWP has recently consulted on so-called pensions 'superfunds'. What are they and what is the regulatory regime being considered?

20 March 2019

Press release

Burges Salmon joins the Accord Project

Burges Salmon joins the Accord Project, a non-profit organisation developing the open source specification and code libraries for a common smart legal contract format.
18 March 2019

Consultation on introducing New Fair Deal into the Local Government Pension Scheme

What are the key reforms to the LGPS proposed in the government’s consultation and draft Local Government Pension Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2019?

18 March 2019


Recent developments in public procurement law

SWALA and Burges Salmon invite you to a seminar addressing some of the important recent developments and case law relating to public procurement.
14 March 2019


Financial services regulation: updates for FCA and PRA regulated firms

Important updates on financial services regulation including the latest PRA and FCA rules and guidance, changes to the Handbook and Rulebook and upcoming developments in UK and European regulation.
13 March 2019


Regulated funds: updates for fund and asset managers

Important updates on fund regulation in the UK, including the latest FCA guidance, changes to the Handbook and upcoming developments in UK and European regulation.
12 March 2019

Cabinet Office launches consultation on social value in procurement

The Cabinet Office continues to promote the social value agenda launching a consultation on how government should take account of social value in the award of central government contracts.
12 March 2019

Pensions Regulator looks ahead to compulsory long term funding targets (LTFTs)

How much of the flexibility in scheme specific funding will remain and how much of the new regime will be prescribed in legislation?
11 March 2019

ATED and ATED-related CGT changes for 2019

This article considers the ATED changes for 2019 including the impact of the government's decision to abolish ATED-related CGT and expand the Non-resident CGT regime with effect from 6 April 2019.
07 March 2019
Showing 1-12 of 2426 results
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