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GDPR challenges: intellectual property rights

GDPR's impact is already being felt in the courts. ICANN's publication of personal data on the WHOIS domain name registry is now in the spotlight.
02 July 2018

Five things to do if your business is the victim of cybercrime

Businesses face more threats in their cyber environment than ever. This guide outlines types of cybercrime and practical steps to take if your business is the victim of a cyber attack.
29 June 2018

Press release

Burges Salmon sponsors Transportation-as-a-Service Technology Conference

Burges Salmon is pleased to be sponsoring the Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) Technology conference and exhibition.
28 June 2018

ISPs should not pay to implement website-blocking injunctions

The Supreme Court has overturned earlier decisions in Cartier v British Telecoms & others, finding that ISPs should not have to bear costs of implementing website-blocking injunctions.
27 June 2018

Office holders take note – judicial help is on hand

The special administrators of MF Global UK asked the court for urgent directions regarding the implementation of a CVA. We look at what the decision means for office holders.
26 June 2018

Highway maintenance and obstruction: liability of adjacent landowners

A recent decision by the Court of Appeal considers whether adjacent landowners owe a duty of care to highway users.
26 June 2018

Compensation payments and employment income: drawing the line

The First-tier tribunal decides whether a payment to a non-salaried judge in respect of historic underpayments of his fees was compensation or taxable as employment income in Pettigrew v HMRC.
25 June 2018

FCA update: periodic financial information and inside information

The FCA has launched a consultation on a proposed update to the existing technical note on periodic financial information and inside information
25 June 2018

Pre-commencement conditions: when do you need written consent?

From October 2018, planning permission for the development of land may not be granted subject to pre-commencement conditions without agreement of the applicant.
25 June 2018

US trade barriers: the developing impact and international response

Following the announcement of US trade tariffs on steel and aluminium, we make some observations on the impacts on supply chains and consumers of growing trade barriers.
22 June 2018

Corporate governance and strategic reporting requirements for large private companies

Large private companies are likely to be subject to new corporate governance reporting requirements and will also be required to include a new section 172(1) statement in their strategic report.
18 June 2018

Pay ratios: new reporting requirements

The government has published draft legislation intended to impose new reporting obligations on boards. UK listed companies will now have to publish and justify their pay ratio annually.

18 June 2018
Showing 25-36 of 2235 results
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