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Rights of beneficiaries: access to trust information

The recent judgment of HHJ Paul Matthews in Lewis v Tamplin provides cause to consider what rights beneficiaries under a trust have to demand information about and documents relating to the trust.
09 May 2018

Brexit, chemicals and REACH: five issues to consider now

The chemical and manufacturing industries are still waiting for clear post-Brexit plans for UK chemicals regulation, with exit from REACH a particular concern
09 May 2018

Small-cap corporate governance: new QCA Code

We take a look at the new QCA corporate governance code and the next steps for companies.
08 May 2018

Glencairn Crystal fails to cut glass rival from market

Whisky glass ruling illustrates the high threshold of ‘irreparable harm’ that is needed for IP rights holders to be awarded an interim injunction pending trial.

08 May 2018


AI: how does machine learning work?

How do you teach an AI bot? What are decision trees and neural networks? How do machines learn?
08 May 2018

Brexit news: EU domain names under the spotlight

Under current regulations, UK individuals and businesses are entitled to register and use websites using the .eu domain. This right may disappear post-Brexit.

03 May 2018

SAAMCo principles and contributory negligence: a reminder for claimants

Lloyds Bank Plc v McBains Cooper Consulting Limited examines the extent to which a professional advisor may be liable for a claimant's loss and how damages can be reduced by contributory negligence.
03 May 2018

Alternative development proposals: how do they affect CPO validity?

The case of Swish Estates has re-stated the Margate principles when considering the validity of a CPO where a landowner has put forward an alternative development proposal.
02 May 2018

Capacity Market Rules: proposed changes

This article summarises key proposed changes to the Capacity Market Rules and looks forward to the upcoming reviews of the Capacity Market by Ofgem and BEIS.

01 May 2018

HNIP: BEIS has published guidance on the main Heat Networks Investment Project scheme

BEIS is to invest £320 million of capital funding, which will be leveraged to make approximately £1 billion of other investment, for the construction of heat network projects.
27 April 2018


Perspectives on infrastructure: Housing

Views from industry leaders and key decision makers on the role infrastructure plays in the delivery of UK housing.
26 April 2018

Company directors beware: CMA secures its second director disqualification

The Competition and Markets Authority has disqualified two company directors involved in an estate agent price-fixing cartel. We explain why businesses of all sizes need to understand competition law.
25 April 2018
Showing 61-72 of 2235 results
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