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Guide to public takeovers in the UK

How are public takeovers conducted and regulated in the UK? Our guide provides an overview of the regulatory framework and key considerations for anyone contemplating a public takeover in the UK.
13 August 2018

Requirement to Correct: when to register

HMRC have released revised guidance on the Requirement to Correct which appears to extend the disclosure period in which lower penalties apply. 
13 August 2018

Overseas entities must register beneficial ownership to own or sell UK real estate

The draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill will require overseas entities who hold or deal with UK real estate to supply and update details of their beneficial ownership for a public register.
10 August 2018

BEIS announces go ahead for Industrial Heat Recovery Support programme

BEIS has released its decision on the Industrial Heat Recovery Support programme, following the consultation which ran last autumn.
09 August 2018

Product liability claims: Faisal v Younis shows the scope of product liability law

The High Court has held that a retail store owner was jointly liable with the product manufacturer for an accident that occurred at his store. 
08 August 2018

Requirement to Correct: last chance saloon if you have a US account

HMRC is writing to UK residents who have accounts in the US. If you have received income or gains on a US account you should, in most cases, have declared these on your UK tax returns.
07 August 2018

Inquests: a new standard of proof for suicides

A court has determined that the standard of proof for reaching a suicide conclusion in inquest is on the balance of probabilities and not the criminal standard.
06 August 2018


Enforcement of consumer protection laws

A high-level look at the enforcement of consumer protection laws in the UK and the role of the European Commission.
03 August 2018

Increased burden for carbon reporting on large companies from 2019

An update on UK carbon reporting requirements after closure of the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme and inclusion of carbon reporting in directors’ reports at Companies House.
03 August 2018

Undisclosed principal: bank owes no duty of care when providing information to agent

The Playboy Club has lost its appeal to the Supreme Court, which unanimously held that BNL held no duty of care in respect of a negligent credit reference regarding gambling patron.
02 August 2018

Police commissioner owed no duty of care to officers when conducting litigation

A claim seeking to stretch the boundaries of the law of negligence has been struck out by the Supreme Court, which said it was not fair, just, or reasonable to impose the claimed duty of care.
02 August 2018

Press release

Burges Salmon announces 96 per cent trainee retention rate

Burges Salmon is pleased to announce a 96 per cent trainee retention rate this year, with 26 out of 27 final year trainee solicitors accepting positions at the firm upon qualification.
31 July 2018
Showing 85-96 of 2337 results
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