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A training and networking initiative for in-house HR

What is HR Connect?

HR Connect is an ongoing programme of interactive workshops designed to allow in-house HR professionals the opportunity to learn more about employment law and how to apply it in a practical and commercial way.

Our topic-based workshops provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and the relaxed environment enables participants to ask questions, share experiences and talk through points of interest with peers.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to attend our bi-annual workshops. However, to ensure you gain maximum benefit, we hope that you will attend on a regular basis, so a degree of commitment is requested.

Who is it for?

These workshops are open to all however the content is aimed at less experienced and intermediate-level in-house HR practitioners.

For more information and to register for upcoming workshops, please see below.

Upcoming workshops: BSavvy about discrimination law

Potential discrimination issues pervade many of the decisions, processes and interactions taking place in any workplace. Identifying and managing those potential discrimination issues is vital to ensure a fair workplace and a successful business or public body. Many of our clients have asked for more detail on this tricky topic, so we are pleased to offer you the chance to attend our workshop with a focus on discrimination. During the half day workshop, we’ll help you to understand more about:

  • What are the protected characteristics
  • What are the different types of discrimination
  • What are associative and perceived discrimination
  • What happens when competing protected characteristics cause conflict in the workplace
  • When does workplace “banter” cross the line and become discrimination
  • What are the business implications if discrimination occurs in the workplace
  • What steps can you take to prevent workplace discrimination.

For more information about HR Connect, please contact Charlotte Warren on +44 (0)117 939 2277 or

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