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Keeping confidential lending policies out of professional negligence litigation

Our Professional Negligence litigation team looks at the tension between preserving confidentiality and a defendant’s right to argue about causation in the case of Ward Hadaway v DB UK Bank.
14 November 2013

Defamatory material on websites – is the website host liable?

Website operators will shortly have a defence to claims of defamation arising from statements posted by others on their sites provided they can show that they did not themselves post the statement.
14 November 2013

Professional negligence in failing to explain the effect of documents

Our professional negligence recovery team considers the role of professional negligence in failing to explain the effect of documents.
11 November 2013

What is reasonable notice for termination of a supply contract?

Contracts without express termination provisions and, in particular, unwritten contracts with implied terms are usually terminable on reasonable notice. So what is reasonable notice?
08 November 2013

A practical question of keeping documents from your opponent

The legal principle of ‘privilege’ is a theoretical concept which proves very hard to apply in practice. What does in mean from a litigation perspective?
06 November 2013

Sale of goods – when a retention of title clause works

Ian Tucker from our disputes and litigation team comments on the case of Fadallah v Pollak as a sequel to Wilson v Holt from a litigation perspective.
30 October 2013

Residential service charges – the post-Daejan world

Our Real Estate Litigation team takes a look at the case of Daejan Investments Limited v Benson and others [2013] UKSC 14 and the significant decisions made by the Supreme Court.
29 October 2013

Corporate power behind the throne held to account as a shadow director

The Court in Vivendi SA and Centenary Holdings Ltd v Murray Richards and Stephen Bloch has brought some clarity to the previously uncertain issue of shadow directors' duties and obligations. 
28 October 2013

Don’t ignore offers to mediate

The Court of Appeal recently concluded (in PGF v OMFS) that failure to respond to an offer to mediate is in itself unreasonable and capable of being punished in costs.
25 October 2013

How will the FCA publish enforcement warning notices?

The FCA has confirmed details of how it proposes to exercise its power to publicise information about enforcement warning notices.
24 October 2013

Do banks have to explain the terms of interest rate swaps to laymen when they are entered?

A bank which fails to comply with statutes whilst undertaking a regulated activity can be sued for breach of statutory duty. However, what happens if the time limit for such a claim has expired?
24 October 2013


ISDA Arbitration Guide

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association explore the growing trend of arbitration as a way of resolving disputes in the financial services sector. McCormick and Hyde comment here.
24 October 2013

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