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Could notifying an insurer of a claim cover associated regulatory proceedings?

Businesses notifying potential negligence claims to their insurers may anticipate that the same events could lead to other claims or costs.
21 October 2014


Cyber risk - are you covered?

We look at the financial implications of cyber attacks, the insurance policy options available and the issues surrounding penalties for data loss.
29 September 2014


Errors on CHAPS payment requests

The courts have been considering who is liable to a customer when CHAPS details are incorrectly entered in light of the Court of Appeal's decision in Tidal Energy Limited v Bank of Scotland.
10 September 2014

The FCA changes its mind on why a broker is unfit but he is banned anyway

The FCA has been allowed to change the grounds on which it banned an insurance broker, after having had to accept that its original reasons were flawed.
01 September 2014


Financial Services Series - Issue 10

Last month the FCA published findings from its review of best execution and payment for order flow. We consider the key issues identified and the actions firms should be undertaking in light of it.
27 August 2014

FCA's £8.4m fine highlights risks of outsourcing

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fined an insurance firm £8.4 million this month for failing to treat customers fairly over the sales by outsourcing companies of accident insurance.
21 August 2014


Insuring the cost of prosecutions and regulatory investigations

Regulatory investigation or criminal prosecution can strain businesses. This briefing overviews the insurance available to cover the cost of defending prosecutions and regulatory investigations.
30 June 2014


An employers guide to Employers; Liability Insurance

This briefing takes a closer look at Employers’ Liability Insurance. We provide a useful overview for businesses and address some key questions. 
30 May 2014


Captive insurance

We take a closer look at the meaning of captive insurance and the different forms in which it can be structured. Why consider using captive insurance? What are the risks?
29 April 2014


Financial Services Series ; Issue 7

Welcome to this issue of our Financial Services Series where we look at reviews used by the Financial Conduct Authority to investigate risks which may affect a wider market.
29 April 2014


Current insurance law reform

Many of the harsher features of insurance law are in the process of being reformed. We take a look at proposals of particular interest to businesses purchasing insurance.
31 March 2014


Financial Services Series; Issue 6

Welcome to this issue of our Financial Services Series where we look at what a Skilled Person Report is, when they are used and the issues arising dealing with Skilled Persons and their Reports.
25 March 2014
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