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Delegate carefully or risk liability

Leigh Day found not to have discharged its duty of care.
25 July 2016

Limitations on the scope for banks to identify the mistaken recipients of bank transfers

When a bank’s mistake leads to the wrong person receiving a transfer of money, a ‘Norwich Pharmacal’ order can be used to identify them.
01 October 2015


Reduced possibility of aggregation of claims by solicitors' insurers

We overview the High Court's clarification of the aggregation clause in the Solicitors’ Minimum Terms and Conditions of professional indemnity insurance and why this may relieve many solicitors.
21 September 2015

Causative limits in a professional negligence claim

Negligent advice must be causative of loss for damages to be recoverable. However, the causation must be real.
08 September 2015


Keep it in the family: linked re-financing parties protected against negligent advisers

Where a loan is re-financed by a party related to the original lender the Court of Appeal confirms that the original lender was not prevented from seeking recovery actions against negligent advisers.
20 July 2015

Can Companies House be held liable for errors on the Register of Companies?

What does Sebry v Companies House tell us about the duties of Companies House to register company information correctly?
02 February 2015

How much can a taxpayer claim for bad tax advice?

When tax advice is misleading or fails to identify an alternative which would involve a lower payment, how much is a taxpayer entitled to be compensated? 
21 January 2015


Which party should bring a claim in relation to securitised loans

For the first time, the Court has given guidance on which party is the proper claimant in a claim arising out of a complex securitised loan transaction. 
18 December 2014

Case update: loss of Chance – Chweidan v Mischon de Reya

The recent case of Chweidan v Mischon de Reya is a good example of how the principle of loss of opportunity can reduce an apparently high value claim to a relatively modest damages award.
15 October 2014

FRC and Mazars agree record settlement

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has agreed to its largest-ever out of tribunal settlement (£2m ) for disciplinary action brought against Mazars and one of its partners, Richard Karmel.
04 September 2014

Keeping confidential lending policies out of professional negligence litigation

Our Professional Negligence litigation team looks at the tension between preserving confidentiality and a defendant’s right to argue about causation in the case of Ward Hadaway v DB UK Bank.
14 November 2013

Professional negligence in failing to explain the effect of documents

Our professional negligence recovery team considers the role of professional negligence in failing to explain the effect of documents.
11 November 2013
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