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Brexit: the impact on agricultural disputes

A look at what may be coming for agricultural disputes and farms following Brexit.  
01 July 2016

Brexit: the impact on competition law for UK business

What will be the impact of Brexit on competition law for UK business? And how can UK business best chart a route through the current uncertainties as regards competition law enforcement?
01 July 2016

Brexit in the workplace

With emotions running high following the Brexit vote, we consider some practical steps employers can take now to help diffuse tension and maintain workplace calm.
29 June 2016

Brexit and the rail industry

While the UK Rail Industry has been at the front of European Railway Regulation, Brexit may now place its future outside the direction of future European Rail development.
29 June 2016

The impact of Brexit on intellectual property

The referendum has come and gone, Britain voted Brexit to leave the EU. What implications does this now have for intellectual property rights holders across the UK and EU?
24 June 2016

Brexit: what next for the food and drink sector?

What does the referendum vote to withdraw from the EU mean for Food and Drink businesses, and what happens next?
24 June 2016

Brexit: what next for farms and estates?

So now we know the result – the UK public has voted to withdraw from the EU. But what does that mean for Farms and Estates, and what happens next?
24 June 2016

Brexit: the potential implications for UK employment law

Now that the majority have voted to leave the EU in the UK's recent referendum, our employment team summarises the potential impact of Brexit on employment laws in the UK.
17 June 2016


Brexit: a future outside of the EU is too uncertain to call...

We consider the potential outcomes for UK fintechs post-Brexit, and suggest practical preparatory steps ahead of June’s referendum.
05 May 2016


Effects of a Brexit on environmental laws

Leaving the EU could have significant consequences for UK law closely entwined with decision-making in Brussels including concerns that 'Brexit' may lower standards of environmental quality.
12 April 2016
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