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Press release

UK government announces fusion strategy and consultation

On 1 October, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a fusion strategy and a consultation on the regulatory framework for fusion

04 October 2021


Webinar on-demand: Launch of the Position Paper on Fuel Cells

In this on-demand webinar, that took place on Tuesday 14 September, our Net Zero team discuss the UK HFCA’s ‘Position Paper on Fuel Cells’

14 September 2021

Press release

Burges Salmon appointed to UKAEA legal panel to support its vital work on Fusion Energy

The firm has been appointed as the principal legal provider to the legal services panel to support UKAEA’s mission to research and develop fusion energy and associated technologies
09 November 2020

Exiting Euratom – an update on the impact of Brexit on the nuclear industry

The UK government has made good progress on its no-deal Brexit planning and has now issued its long-awaited proposal for future nuclear trade and collaboration with the EU after Brexit.
22 October 2018


Burges Salmon Glossary of Nuclear Terms

Our comprehensive glossary, explaining many of key terms and acronyms encountered in the nuclear sector, has been revised and updated to May 2018.
10 October 2018

Is Brexit still the nuclear option?

The UK should benefit from a transitional period which provides more time to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of Brexit and help secure the best possible future relationship with Euratom.
25 January 2018

Nuclear liability developments – forum shopping in the US

Cheryl Parkhouse and Ian Salter provide an overview of the consequences for the global nuclear industry and an update on the Paris Convention amendments.
23 January 2018

The UK's options for leaving the Euratom community ("Brexatom")

The government has recognised the need to avoid potentially harmful cliff edge effects in the UK's transition to a long term free trade agreement with the European Union.
26 June 2017

What role do nuclear safeguards play in international trade / collaboration

Safeguards provide states exporting nuclear goods, services, technology and know-how with the assurances required to meet their nuclear non-proliferation objectives.
26 June 2017

The impact of Brexatom

When the UK leaves Euratom Community all legislation, recommendations, decisions or communications derived from the Euratom Treaty will cease to have legal effect in the UK.
26 June 2017

Nuclear safeguards in the UK

This articles examines the key nuclear safeguards currently applicable in the UK, including the Euratom and IAEA safeguards.
26 June 2017

An overview of the Radioactive Contaminated Land Regime

This overview provides a brief explanation of the Radioactive Contaminated Land Regime and the key points to be aware of for landowners and organisations using radioactive substances.
09 November 2016
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