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Thoughts on the draft Agriculture Bill

The publication of the draft Agriculture Bill has garnered lots of headlines in the national and specialist press. Our food and farming experts give their thoughts on what it might mean for farmers.
11 October 2018

Food allergen labelling: Is it time for a change?

Following the recent news of the death of a young woman following an allergic reaction to a baguette containing sesame, should the allergen labelling laws be changed?
03 October 2018

Proprietary Estoppel: how can you guard against claims?

Proprietary estoppel cases are on the rise. This article outlines the basic principle of proprietary estoppel and some practical considerations to guard against such claims.
26 July 2018

Holiday cottages tax: IHT relief not just a theory

A case this year has at long last seen HMRC lose a challenge on the availability of IHT relief on a holiday cottage business.

05 July 2018

Water pollution regulation: new rules to prevent agricultural diffuse pollution

These regulations impose new rules on those in control of agricultural land with the aim of tackling pollution to inland and coastal waters.
17 May 2018

Supply chain law: what can we learn from KFC's supply chain issues?

From 2 Sisters and Russell Hume to KFC – this article considers key steps every business should take to protect itself against damage caused by supply chain issues.
26 February 2018

Russell Hume: Another meat processor falls foul of food safety regulation

The Food Standards Agency has stopped products leaving sites run by Russell Hume, following “instances of serious non-compliance with food hygiene regulations”.
25 January 2018

Food law is for farmers too

What is the relevance of food law to farmers and landowners, whose main preoccupation now is watching the development of a new UK Agriculture Policy?
22 December 2017

How the Food Standards Agency proposes to change its approach to food regulation in the UK

The Food Standards Agency published its plans for reforming food industry regulation in July 2017. This article looks at what will change and the impacts on food businesses.
30 November 2017

Grazing Licences – avoiding the tax traps

Grazing licences are often used for short term occupational agreements. The content and operation of those licences must be carefully considered to make sure they are tax efficient.
22 November 2017

Brexit – the Trade Bill 2017

The government lays down the first steps on the UK's road to independent trade post Brexit, but reveals just how much work there is still to be done.
09 November 2017

Food fraud: how will Brexit affect fraud in the food supply chain?

The rules around food safety and labelling requirements are clear and robust. Problems arise, however, on both an EU and a UK scale when it comes to dealing with fraud in the food supply chain.
09 November 2017
Showing 25-36 of 110 results
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