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PSC Register and pension scheme trustee companies

Corporate trustees of pension schemes need to take initial steps now to comply with a new transparency regime that takes effect from 6 April 2016.
29 March 2016


Budget 2016 - Incentives and employment tax update

The March 2016 Budget contained a host of changes for employers. This briefing note summarises the key provisions employers need to be aware of in relation to incentives.
17 March 2016

Alignment of NIC and income tax - OTS recommendations

The Office for Tax Simplification's findings following a review of the possibility of aligning income tax and NIC with a view to modernising and simplifying the system.
08 March 2016

When is it yours? Tax and the redirection of cash

A couple of recent tax cases raise the question again of the application of the old principle that earnings are taxed when they are received.
03 March 2016


New state pension and abolition of contracting-out

Schemes integrated with the state pension system need to respond to the changes from 6 April. Action depends on how they are integrated and whether they will remain open to accrual.
02 March 2016

Liberation: dashed hope of guidance

On Friday the High Court usefully clarified one of the technical conditions (that of being "an earner") for a member to have a statutory right to transfer to an occupational pension scheme (OPS).
23 February 2016

Pensions: revised Code on incentive exercises

Where a transfer value or cash sum is £10,000 or less, the new edition of the Code relaxes the requirements for advice and guidance.
10 February 2016


Internationally mobile employees - is their “base” for pensions and tax the same?

There has been an interesting recent case on the meaning of “Ordinarily working in Great Britain” for the purposes of auto enrolment in an employer’s pension plan which bears thinking about.
29 January 2016


Final Levy Rules for 2016/17

The PPF confirms its plan to re-invoice schemes that have mistaken their structure as "last man standing" and urges trustees to do probing due diligence before submitting contingent asset guarantees.
05 January 2016


Internationally Mobile Employees & new UK tax rules for employment shares and securities

In this article for Global Tax Weekly, Caroline Harwood discusses the increasing number of Internationally Mobile Employees and the new UK tax rules for employment-related shares and securities.
15 December 2015


DC pensions: draft Code of Practice

The Regulator’s new Draft DC Code is half of the current version and no longer refers to 'DC quality features'. Instead it sets standards of conduct and practice that trustee boards should follow.
26 November 2015

The Autumn Statement 2015: Tackling the avoidance of employment taxes

The Chancellor's policy paper behind the statement contains a raft of measures to deal with those who seek to minimise the employment taxes they pay.
25 November 2015
Showing 157-168 of 229 results
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