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Delivering freight solutions through planning

In April 2019, the NIC published its recommendations to government for freight. Of interest to local authorities, landowners and developers, we highlight the role planning will play in delivering them
20 May 2019

A to Z of construction disputes: Avoidance and resolution – Part 1: A to M

This two-part article explains some of the key concepts that anyone involved in the construction industry needs to know in order to avoid or resolve construction disputes
14 May 2019

Caution for new, noise-sensitive developments

Recent case law highlights how the agent of change principle, in the revised NPPF, may be applied in challenging planning decisions. We outline the key points from the cases
26 April 2019

Consenting for electricity storage – what's changing?

A brief overview of the government’s proposals to clarify how the planning system applies to electricity storage projects.

04 February 2019

Failure to serve a CIL notice: recent lessons learned from the High Court

In a recent ruling, a self-builder had to face the significant financial consequences of failing to serve a CIL commencement notice. We look at the facts and findings of the case.
24 January 2019

Defra consults on draft National Policy Statement for Water Resources Infrastructure

Following changes made to the Planning Act relating to water infrastructure NSIPs, Defra has published a consultation seeking views on the draft National Policy Statement (NPS) for water resources.
21 January 2019

Autumn Budget 2018: What are the implications for planning and CPO?

We consider the potential impacts of the Autumn Budget for planning and development, including measures relating to housing, infrastructure, high streets and roads.
07 November 2018

Pre-commencement conditions: when do you need written consent?

Since 1 October 2018, planning permission for the development of land may not be granted subject to pre-commencement conditions without agreement of the applicant.
31 October 2018

S106 agreements: helpful guidance from courts

Two recent court judgments remind local authorities, developers and landowners of key principles when drafting and entering s106 agreements.
17 September 2018

Habitats Directive: what mitigation can be taken into account?

The European court confirmed that mitigation cannot be taken into account when screening a project under the Habitats Regulations. It has also clarified between mitigatory and compensatory measures.
04 September 2018

NPPF 2018: a new approach to viability

Updated planning practice guidance on viability published on 24 July is a significant shift from the previous guidance. We highlight the key points for local authorities, developers and landowners.
31 July 2018

NPPF 2018: how does the published Framework differ from the draft?

The government published the revised National Planning Policy Framework on 24 July 2018. Here we highlight key changes made since the draft was consulted upon in the spring.
31 July 2018

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