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Compulsory purchase guidance: new advice from the Scottish government

New guidance from the Scottish government was published at the end of April 2018. We look at the key points.
23 May 2018

Village green law: is land held for a statutory purpose protected from registration?

The Court of Appeal has decided when land can be registered as a town or village green by limiting the use of the ‘statutory incompatibility’ test. 
16 May 2018

Alternative development proposals: how do they affect CPO validity?

The case of Swish Estates has re-stated the Margate principles when considering the validity of a CPO where a landowner has put forward an alternative development proposal.
02 May 2018

Compulsory purchase order process: key steps to secure a CPO

An overview of the compulsory purchase order process for acquiring authorities and interested parties. Our timeline sets out the key stages to secure a CPO.
11 April 2018

CPO and compensation: important changes to planning and CPO law

This article looks at a number of provisions relevant to compulsory acquisition in the Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017 and Housing and Planning Act 2016 that come into force on 6 April 2018.
28 March 2018

Can local authorities adopt energy efficiency standards that exceed Building Regulations?

An English local authority can add energy efficiency requirements to its local plan which exceed the energy requirements of Building Regulations. We explore the key points for local authorities.
26 March 2018

Planning Consultations: NPPF and developer contributions under the microscope

The consultations on the revised NPPF and developer contributions close on 10 May. Here are the highlights for developers, landowners and local authorities
09 March 2018

What should you do when faced with a compulsory purchase order?

The threat of compulsory purchase can be very unsettling but there are steps individuals, companies and institutional landowners can take to prepare for a compulsory purchase order (CPO).
28 February 2018

How does the government propose to capture land value uplift?

The Communities and Local Government Committee seeks written submissions by 2 March to inform its land value capture inquiry. Here are the headlines for developers, landowners and local authorities.
21 February 2018

Developing near music venues: the Agent of Change pays the price

New policies are to be introduced for the development of housing near music venues. These would mean developers will bear the burden of addressing noise issues.
14 February 2018

Permission in principle applications for small-scale residential development

A procedure enabling applications for permissions in principle for small-scale residential development is due to apply from 1 June 2018. Here is an overview for local authorities and developers.
23 January 2018

Is there a general duty to give reasons when granting planning permission?

There is no general statutory requirement to give reasons when granting planning permission, but a statement of reasons may now be required by common law. We look at the key points for practitioners.
08 December 2017
Showing 61-72 of 121 results
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